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1. Quality Management System

Our company established the Quality Management System (QMS) in July 2002 and upgraded to the ISO9001:2015 in 2017. The company´s quality work continues to operate according to the requirements of QMS documents for a long time, with the purpose of continuously improving the quality of products and meet customer requirements.

Quality policy: market-oriented, pioneering and innovative, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.

Quality objectives: follow up international and domestic advanced levels, strictly design procedures, provide reliable quality products and quality service to customers at home and abroad, the rate of defective products is less than 200PPM, the return rate of sold products is less than 0.1%, More than 98% customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, Implement PDCA loop.

Certificate of QMS

2. ROHS\ REACH\ Halogen-free and other product information

We adhere to green IC production and environmental protection to meet customer requirements. Our Products have passed the international recognition of professional testing institutions testing certification.

  • Our products with  labels comply with the requirements of the ROHS standard and meet the lead-free program
  • Our products with  labels comply with the halogen-free requirements

ROHS detection

The products we are committed to provide meet the requirements of EU ROHS regulations, and the inspection report is as follows:

ROHS Inspection Report

REACH detection

We promise to supply products in accordance with EU 174 REACH regulations. The test report is as follows

REACH Inspection Report

3. Product anti-counterfeiting

Counterfeit and shoddy products pose huge risks in terms of performance, safety and reliability. To avoid those risks, customers are strongly advised to purchase products directly from an authorized MICRONE reseller. In case of doubt about the truth or falsehood, contact the relevant sales staff for confirmation。

4. Product shelf life

In order to protect the IC, we are using aluminum foil bag vacuum packaging, built-in desiccant and humidity card to ensure that IC can have better storage conditions.

Therefore, the standard shelf life for MICRONE products is two years from the end of the package.

5. Conflict-free mineral decl

MICRONE states that the tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W) and gold (Au) contained in the products manufactured are not from conflict or high-risk areas and meet the requirements of conflict-free minerals. And similarly require suppliers to comply with the e-Industry Citizenship Alliance´s code of conduct, the use of conflict minerals in products is prohibited